Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m up for a full-on poetry blog yet, or whether the world needs one more such blog.  Like most poets, I have on hand plenty of thoughts about poetry, plenty of other poets who deserve some formal recognition, and plenty of local events to spotlight; but a blog is a serious commitment, and the day jobs keep me pretty busy.  Just in case, though, here I am.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to read any prior thoughts, here are some links:

  • Family Business and ‘Non-Stupid Optimism’:  A review of Scott Owens’ Thinking about the Next Big Bang in the Galaxy on the Edge of Town and Sam Barbee’s That Rain We Needed”, 2017.
  • The first of my summer 2011 series of blog posts for Ploughshares.  If you want to read others, you can click on my name up top and it’ll link you to the whole series.


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