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Welcome! I write and teach at Western Carolina University, in theView More: southern Appalachian mountains, and this is my poetry page.
Of the good:  my third collection of poetry, Larvae of the Nearest Stars, is due out from LSU Press in October or November, 2019 (I’m beginning to schedule readings from it and to do more workshop teaching beginning this year–call me!   In 2018, I was thrilled to death to have my poem “Womb-room” selected by Amber Flora Thomas as the winner of North Carolina Literary Review’s James Applewhite prize in poetry.

Of the ongoing:  I teach poetry, English Education, and grammar, and as you might imagine, these all connect.  If you’re a 9-12 English teacher in or near my region or service area, I’d be glad to correspond with you to exchange strategies for making poetry less frightening and painful to students and to brainstorm more ways to use poetry to address the CCSS or NCSCoS.  If we can work out the scheduling, I’m also happy to visit classrooms (on a volunteer basis) to work with some of these options in a live setting. Please contact me if you need an accessible, teacher-trained poet  for your literary festival, Visiting Writers series, or class visits.
Here are a brief biography and a few publication credits.  If you click on the links at the bottom, you can read some of my poems online.
Here’s a short-version C.V.:  carter_creative_cv
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Here’s my poetry blog.  Honestly, I’m not sure how much I’ll be doing with that yet, but we’ll see.
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